Friday, April 27, 2012

Travis Pointe

Many of you have had the pleasure of getting to spend some time on the beautiful Lake Norman. The lake is a gem to those who live in Charlotte and are leading fast paced lives. You can scoot off to the lake for the weekend and only have to travel half and hour to get there. 
The only problem with Lake Norman is that it is very limited for wedding and reception venues. Up until this point you could have a boat chartered, rent the country club, or a few other very small locations. 
This past December, my new favorite venue opened to the public. Travis Pointe is located on a quiet peninsula in the heart of Lake Norman. With around six sprawling acres Travis Pointe can offer something for every taste.  
There have been events taking place here for forever, but now the outsiders get a chance to rent the property. 
The opportunities are endless. With your rental you have access to the boat house, barn, and event room. It also includes a giant tent, parking, tables and chairs. There is even a guest house on the property if you'd like to rent that also. 

Travis Pointe has so much natural beauty that there is no need to bring in expensive decoration. It would only take away from the natural elegance. For more information you can either contact me, or the ladies at Travis Pointe. 
Travis Pointe: 

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