Friday, July 13, 2012

Over The Top?

I know that I have been MIA for awhile now. I have been very busy! When I saw this story on yahoo news, I know that I had to share. I'd love to hear your thoughts. Is this over the top? 
A couple in New York have set a world record for their wedding, only this is not your normal couple. The bride and groom were dogs, and their wedding cost a whopping $158,187.26. Baby Hope and Chilly Pasternak said their "I Do's" at a black tie gala with proceeds benefiting the Human Society. 
You must check out the story for the wedding day details and guest list. 
At first, I was appalled by this. Then I realized it was for a good cause, and was glad that people are still donating to animals in this tough economic time.

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