Thursday, January 5, 2012

Cruise Weddings

The week before Christmas I was on a cruise. I was shocked by the number of weddings I saw while aboard. There were at least three nights where there was a bride prancing around in her gown. Though I would not want to get married on a boat, many people are choosing options like these.
With today's economy, destination weddings are becoming more popular. Though it may not seem like it, but a majority of the time, they are actually cheaper. If you have a destination wedding, it drastically cuts down the guests list. The guest is expected to pay for their lodging and travel, so you do not have to worry about those expenses. It still gives you a wedding to remember, but at a cheaper price. For the guest, this option is much more expensive. Because of this,  some people may not make the trip. Talk to your close friends and family before you make up your mind. Make sure that the people who you care most about will be able to come. Another reason people like destination weddings is because of the vacation. Weddings can get to hectic and stressful. If you have destination wedding, the vacation is right there waiting on you.
All cruise lines have wedding packages. If this is something you are interested, contact the company directly. The one thing I would not like about a cruise wedding is the fact that you cannot get away. Everyone looks forward to their honeymoon, but it is not the same experience with your whole family with you.
There are many websites and advice columns online. Some of the most popular are and

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