Thursday, January 5, 2012


Even though I still love, I have a new website obsession. Pinterest is the latest and greatest website and it has taken this country by storm. When I was first introduced to it in late September, I just could not catch on. It does not make much sense until you get started on the site. Basically, it is a personalized web page that you "pin" your favorite items. You have different boards, which are all different topics. For example, under my personal pinterest account (I have one dedicated to only weddings also!) I have recipes, quotes, homes/interiors, style, travel, etc. Then you go through other peoples boards and you can "re pin" pictures they have posted. This builds your own board up. It has been a great way to share recipes, crafts, and ideas. It is a way to show your personal style and personality. It is connected to facebook, so it automatically "follows" your facebook friends with an account.

With all this being said, it may be the single greatest wedding planning tool. It is a running joke because so many people are planning their dream weddings on pinterest, and they are not even dating anyone. There is help planning ever aspect of the wedding. You can look through cakes, dresses, DIY, and basically any other advice you need. So if you happen to be one of the bazillion ladies who got engaged over the holidays, make sure you start your planning with a pinterest account. Go to for more information. Trust me, you will be happy I told you to do so.

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