Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Icing and The Cake

As much as I love candy, people would expect me to love cake and sweets too. This is one thing I love to make, but usually skip. Recently I was at work, and a Mooresville bakery brought in samples of their cupcakes and cake balls.  The Icing and The Cake were very generous to bring in some samples of their specialties.  They were so beautifully decorated, I decided I had to try one (or two or three.) The cupcakes were some of the best I had ever had. I was not sure what to expect of a cake ball, but it is exactly like it sounds. It taste just like a wedding cake but in a bite sized ball. They too were decorated! This got me thinking about the new trends of using alternatives to the traditional wedding cakes. 
For more information go to theicingandthecake.com or call 704-663-0399
More and more I have seen cupcakes being used to replace the cake. Usually the couple has a small one layer cake to have the traditional cake cutting, but all of the guests get individual cupcakes instead of a slice of cake. I personally LOVE this idea. This is a great way to have a variety of flavors. It also is a money saver. Cupcakes are usually much cheaper then a large wedding cake.
TLC.com had some creative ideas for alternatives to wedding cakes. They said that a desert bar or ice cream bar were also great ideas. Another idea is to have a pie bar, this also is a great way to incorporate different tastes. 
This all goes along with the one point that I am always trying to make: Do what makes you and your husband to be happiest. If you do not like cake, why serve it at your wedding? Just because something is a "wedding tradition" does not mean you have to do it. If you enjoy other types of desert more, then choose it instead of a cake. Always keep in mind that this is your day and as long as your fiance agrees, then it is okay to step outside of the box. 

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