Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Wedding Colors

Having worked in a couple different bridal stores, I have seen some very interesting choices for wedding colors. Sometimes I really do wonder what the bride is thinking. But hey, it is her day after all. 
Wedding Colors!  This website is a great source for helping you choose the perfect colors. 
I am going to share with you some of my favorite color choices and creative ways to use them.
Wine, Mauve, and Blush: 
I have found that the wine color looks good on just about anyone. It is a great color when you have girls with different skin tones. 
Navy and Lime Green: 
I have always imagined my own wedding in these two colors. I just LOVE them. I have always thought of these colors as "beachy" and as you know, I am obsessed with the beach. Navy is a great color for bridesmaids dresses because it is a color that actually is "wear it again." 
Gray and Yellow:
These are two colors that I think are super classy. They are subtle but just enough to make a splash. I also LOVE gray suites! 

Mint, Seafoam Green and Salmon Pink: 
I love these colors together because it has a very vintage look to it. I love pastel colors and these three just look perfect together. 
Khaki and Blush: 
The two colors just go perfect together. They are soft and elegant. You can dress them up or make it a casual affair. 

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