Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hair Pieces

  Okay, so I have let it me known before: I LOVE veils. I think it is such a great part of the wedding tradition. But I do know that veils are not  for everyone and some people simply do not want to wear one. For those ladies, I am posting some of my favorite veil alternatives. 
There are so many other options. Anything from flowers, or headbands to a simple clip. This is something that needs to match your style of dress, and your personality. 
      (tilldeathdesigns on etsy.com)                    
                  ( Love Me Always Anne Marie on theknot.com
         (Creme de Luxe by Amy's  bridal on theknot.com)
(Everything Angelic on theknot.com)  
       (Roxy's Jewelry on theknot.com)

These are also great ideas for ladies who wear a veil during the ceremony, and want to have something more simple in their hair for the reception. 

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