Friday, July 22, 2011

Cutting Wedding Costs

Even though it varies for different locations across the country the average wedding cost has now raised to $27,800. For most of us, that is a huge number. From my experience thus far I have compiled a list of simple ways to cut costs for the big day.

  • Cut down on your guest list.                                                                                         Clearly, this is the most obvious thing you can do. My best advice is to really think about who you are inviting. If it is someone you cannot imagine spending your big day without then you are in the clear. When you are cutting the list down beware! It is easy to step on toes and to hurt feelings. Sometimes it is easier to suck it up and send and invite instead of starting off on the wrong foot with your soon to be mother-in-law.  
  • Consider having your wedding on a Friday night or Sunday.         This significantly cut costs for the reception venue. When I first heard this mentioned I thought it was out of the question, but I see it more and more with couples.
  • Book a venue that lets you bring in your own catering and beverages.                                                                                                                                    When you choose a place that makes you use their services, you have to agree to pay whatever they want. There is not much wiggle room. They usually have outrageous minimums that you have to meet. When you are able to bring in your own caterer you can price hunt. If you are able to bring in your own beverages, you can bargain shop for those too. Buying buy the case will really save
  • Skip the liquor and stick to beer and wine.                                       Instead of having a full service bar, it is okay to just have beer and wine. If you really want liquor there but do not want to foot the bill, consider having one signature cocktail. 
  • Choose flowers that are in season.                                                                          By choosing flowers that are in season, you are automatically cutting cost dramatically. A lot of times you can go to a florist with a specific budget and they are able to show you how to get the most bang for your buck. 
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