Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Bridal Jewelry

The jewelry you choose to wear on your wedding day should depend on one main factor, YOUR DRESS! The amount and type of jewelry you wear should depend on how intricate your dress is. If you have an over the top gown, you do not want your jewelry to outshine the dress. If your dress is simple, then you can step it up with some fun jewelry. 

I have found a variety of bridal jewelry that fits all styles and price ranges. 
 (ericabapst on etsy.com)  
(mommagoddess on etsy.com)
Another fun jewelry idea is to use it as your "something borrowed." My sister wore her soon-to-be mother inlaw's earrings and our grandmothers ring as her wedding jewelry. It is a nice way to incorporate family members. 

( Bella Bleu on theknot.com)      
        (Model Bride on theknot.com)

Jewelry is a nice way for you to be able to show your personality and character. You can do so much with the jewelry you wear. 

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