Thursday, March 8, 2012

Alternative Wedding Gifts

I am obsessed with the news. So, I get excited when I see something about weddings that I can share. This latest article was on yahoo a couple days ago and is about alternative wedding gifts. It gives great ideas for couples who are okay with venturing from their registry. I love the personalized gifts who show thought and creativity. I am going to share a few of theirs, but also a few others I have found. 

The easiest way to personalize a wedding gift, is monogramming. You can take towels off of their registry and get the new initials put on them. Monogram a door knocker or even luggage. The opportunities are endless. Monogramming shows that you put the extra thought and step into buying the couple a gift. 
I found a website that has great unique wedding gifts. has something for every couples style. One of my favorites in the picnic book bag. It has everything they need for a special date. Not to mention it is so romantic.
I also love the idea of packing a gift bag for the honeymoon. You can add in their favorite snacks, underwater cameras, or other items that they may not have. One of my favorite blogs has ideas for a tropical honeymoon. She included fun straws, luggage tags, and toe nail polish. Everything was focused around the tropical theme. 
When it comes to buying a gift for the couple, my biggest piece of advice is for it to mix both your style and theirs. Though some people only want the gifts off of their registry, you can still add a personalized touch. 

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