Friday, January 20, 2012

Winter Wonderland

 As most people know, the "wedding season" is from April to October. This is the most common time for couples to tie the knot. I personally see myself getting married in April or September, but there is something I love about a winter wedding. 
This year it has been a very mild winter, but normally there is a chill in the air and the occasional snow fall or icing.  
I feel like winter weddings have a very natural but elegant feel to them. I love the blues, purples and icy looking decor. If you do have snowfall, it makes the most magnificent pictures. I just wanted to share with you some of my favorite winter wedding ideas. I looked online and there was an endless amount of pictures and themes. 
I have always loved candles. They are perfect for night time or winter weddings. They add a glowing essence to the room that makes it so romantic. It is also one of the cheapest decoration you can find. There are numerous websites online that sell the candles at wholesale. You can also check out the Dollar Tree's website for vases and different votive.  I will warn you, check with the venue before purchasing the candles. Some places either do not allow them, or have strict rules. Usually if there is something protecting the wax from dripping, they will let you have them. 
Even though I have never been a glitzy and and glamorous person, I think the crystals hanging from trees, or the ceiling are just amazing!  With different lights shining, they catch the light and make the whole room sparkle. This is a decoration that can get very pricey. Make sure you check online and compare different vendors. Also, think back to weddings you have been to. If they had crystals, ask the bride where she got them. Some rental companies offer them also! Watch out though, you never want to take it over board.  

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