Tuesday, September 13, 2011


The idea of a bridal shower has changed throughout the years. It used to be an all girls affair with little tea sandwiches and lemonade. These days, the themes and ideas are endless. I am going to give some ideas for types of showers. Some are directed more towards all women, and some are for the couple to enjoy together.
Tea Party: This is more of the traditional bridal shower. The small group of guest eat light snacks while everyone watches the bride-to-be open presents. There may be a few games played.
Beauty Shower: This is a pamper party. Paint nails, get massages, and relax! This is a shower that every guest is guaranteed to enjoy. Clearly it is designed more for an all females crowd.
Lingerie: This type of shower typically takes place during the bachelorette weekend or night. Clearly it too is for a group of women. It can be fun, but I will warn you- keep in mind the invite list. If you have a wide variety of ages, make sure you keep it classy. Some of the older women may not feel comfortable with the "gifts."
Room Of The House: Each guest (or group of guests) are assigned one room of the house. Their gifts are something for this designated room. This can be a fun shower for everyone to think outside of the box. This shower is not gender specific and is something the couple can enjoy together.
Around The Clock: This is another shower that is fun for the couple to have together. Like the room of the house shower, each guest or group of guests are assigned a time of day. Their gifts will revolve around this time. You can either assign actual times, or ideas like breakfast time, bath time, time to entertain, etc. There are endless possibilities with this shower.
Stock The Bar: This shower is usually for the couple together and each guests bring some type of drink for their bar, or an item that could be used in the bar. Keep in mind the couple. If they do not like to drink, clearly this is not a great idea.

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