Tuesday, September 20, 2011


I am going to post an example of two DIY wedding projects that I saw on pinterest.com (my newest obsession besides etsy.) When I clicked on the picture it linked me to a website called joyfulweddingsandevents.com. I LOVE these two ideas. 
The first is the sting balls. You blow up a balloon, wrap it with white (or whatever color) string. Spray the string with fabric stiffener, pop the balloon, and TA-DA! Those beautiful table decorations are what you are left with. 
The next idea is the candles. All you have to do is take a plain candle and wrap it with colored yarn. I would spray these too, just to make sure they do not go anywhere. These two projects are ones that ANYONE can do! They are also very inexpensive. This website seems to have a lot of great ideas. Make sure you check them out for more! 

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