Thursday, August 11, 2011

Cultural Traditions

Wedding traditions not only vary by religions, but also by locations around the world. I wanted to share with you some of the traditions from other counties. It is neat to hear about what other countries consider important when it comes to the big day. 
The Chinese wedding has six different steps and is considered one of the three most important events in one's life. Red is the main color and is carried out throughout the wedding. It is also common for the couples friends and family to play tricks on them that cause a great laughter throughout the guests. It is also common for the guests to dine on a ten to twelve course meal. 
Brides wear bright colored dresses that have ruffles. Spicy rice, beans and tortillas are served.  The cake is made of nuts and dried fruit soaked in rum. The groom presents thirteen gold coins to the bride and a large rosary is draped around the couple. 
In many African tribes, the bride and groom will have their wrists tied together during the ceremony. It is also a tradition to jump the broom after the ceremony. The bride will wear colors representing the area they are from. did research to find the top six most bizarre wedding traditions. 

  • India-Some women have to marry animals. 
  • Greece- Brides to be have a young boy sit on their lap while she nibbles a biscuit ring from around his neck.
  • Korea- Grooms ask their successfully married friends to carve them wooden ducks.
  • Scotland- The bride gets blackened by having any kind of dirty substance dumped and smeared on her.
  • Africa- In parts of Africa young girls go to "fat camps." Grooms want their potential mates to be as fat as possible. 
  • Malaysia-The bride and groom are not allowed to use the bathroom for 72 hours before the wedding. They have little to eat or drink either. 

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