Saturday, July 16, 2011

Favorite Wedding Gowns!

As I anxiously wait for the fall season of newest wedding gowns to come in, I am going to share my three favorite gowns from past seasons. I love each of these gowns for different reasons. Not only are these three of my favorite gowns, they are also three of my favorite designers. I have had a chance to try on and check out each of these dresses. So I can guarantee that they are just as beautiful in person and all are very high quality.  

First we have Allure Bridal's 8751
I have been in love with this gown since the moment I saw it in their catalog. The unique lace is what first attracted me to it. There is the perfect amount of "bling" on the dress and it just screams classy
Another reason I love this dress is because it is suitable for different body types. I have seen it on very small figures, and curvier women. The belt brings your waist in and  the back does wonders for the booty.  
For more information go to Allure's website.

My next choice is an up and coming fashion that I just LOVE. It is a Liz Field's 9101. This dress has many positive aspects about it. First, it is great for girls who cannot decide between lace or beads. The top of the dress has intricate beading and the skirt is lace and tool. 
Once you leave the ceremony, you can drop the skirt, and now you have a party dress. It is still fancy enough to wear to the reception! You really are buying two dresses in one. 
This dress also looks good on a variety of sizes. As you see, the skirt is detachable so you can move it higher or lower; Whatever you are most comfortable with.  The great thing about Liz Fields is that they are very easy to work with, and will allow you to make some changes to dresses. They also do not charge for plus sizes! 
For more information go to Liz Fields website

Last but not lease is Maggie Sottero's Isadora. 
Like all Maggie Sottero dresses, this is just stunning. It intricate attention to detail is really shown in this gown. You may be able to tell, but I love sweetheart cuts. This dress also is great because it has the satin top and the lace bottom. 
As you can see in the picture, this dress brings the waist in and is very flattering for the bride. I like this dress because for those who want a train, it has the perfect length. It is not too long and overwhelming, but you can still have the traditional train. 
For more information go to Maggie Sottero's Website.

I love so many different wedding gowns, these are just my current favorites. I am sure when the new dresses come in, I will have more to add to the list! 

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