Friday, July 8, 2011

Bridesmaids Dress Disasters

Today I am writing with the help of one of my co-workers Olivia. Having both worked in bridal stores for a couple of years, we have seen some serious bridesmaids dress disasters. Whether it is the awful color, fabric or style of dress; there are times when ladies pick up their outfits and we just plain feel bad for them. 

Many people do not know before hand the ins and outs of ordering bridesmaids dresses. If you go into any boutique (besides David's Bridal) they are going to carry a variety of designers. Each designer has their own styles and color swatches for their dresses. So going into a store and saying that you need a peach dress does not narrow it down, because one companies peach is another companies tangelo. If you are needing a specific color, be prepared with a color swatch. 

Olivia and I have come up with some key points on choosing bridesmaids dresses: 

  • Neutral colors are a bridesmaids best friend- Lets be honest no one can wear a passion fruit taffeta dress again. But you can come up with somewhere to wear navy, gray, black, etc. Bring in different colors with the flowers, or even fun shoes. 
  • Choose a style that is body type friendly- If you have a variety of body shapes, keep this in mind. Do not go with a dress that only looks good on a size two girl. Rouching across the center is always very flattering and so is empire waist. If you are concerned about the style of dress, take one or two bridesmaids with you. Another good way to make sure everyone is comfortable in their style, you can let them choose different styles. Make sure that they stick with the same color, fabric, length and designer when this is the case. This way you know your girls will be happy with their choice. 
  • One of the most important factors is the price point. Just because you can afford a $300 dress does not mean that all of your bridesmaids can. You can get great bridesmaids dresses for under $150, you just have to look. Also, be aware that some stores give discounts for groups of girls ordering together or if the bride gets her dress at the same store. There are always deals out there, you just need to pay attention. Being a bridesmaid can get very expensive, so think of ways that you can cut the cost for your girls. You do not have to make them buy the same shoes, jewlery, hairstyles etc. 
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We hope this helps with your bridesmaid dress shopping! 

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