Friday, June 3, 2011

Summer is in full swing!

As we had mentioned before we are in the prime of wedding season. From April to October we see about seventy five percent of our weddings. Recently the weather has been so harsh and unpredictable. This is why we try to encourage brides to have some kind of back up plan. Even though you do not want to think about it raining on your wedding day, it is always a possibility. You also must be prepared for extreme heat. Most likely your wedding will have guests of all ages, babies/young children and the elderly do not do well in extreme heat. Make sure that if your wedding is going to be outside that you keep this in mind. A simple paper fan, bottle water, etc. Check THIS PAGE out to see some ideas.

For the most part we are going to try to update our blog if not everyday, at least a couple times a week. We are going to include featured vendors, DIY ideas, favorite websites, advice, etc. We are also going to include actually stories and photographs from weddings that we have attended.

If you ever have any questions feel free to contact us! Thanks!

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